ABOUT A company that captures the atmosphere and creates videos with the intent to showcase energy.

We are a Video Production Company - visual storytellers, bringing a fresh take on, adverts, music videos, corporate conferences, events and weddings through narrative and cinematic composition.

True Vision Features brings a level of excitement to our videos and emerges the audience within what they are watching.

What We Do

True Vision Features provides an end to end video production service to fit a variety of needs.

Video Production

We shoot and edit Full HD and 4K videos for Dramas, Documentaries, Music Videos, Advertisements, Corporate, Events, Podcasts, Weddings & other special occasions.

Pre Production

Our multi-talented team can provide this service for location scouting, script writing/editing, content planning and advice on the targeted distribution of completed projects.


Post Production

Post production is a huge portion of the production process as it is when editing, title credit creation, audio mixing and color correction occur in a TV show, movie or commercial.

Featured Projects

Having worked with a wide range of clients far and wide, True Vision Features has amassed a wealth of projects, some of which are featured below.

So What's Next?

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