About Us

We are a video production company based in Oxford, who specialise in story telling. Unlike many of our competitors we don’t just create content, we create a story in which our audience can engage with. “Empathy In Motion” is our tag line because we want to share capture and emotions through our work.

After graduating with a Bachelors in ‘Broadcasting Media Technologies‘ and later a Masters in ‘Directing Film and Television’.  Rauni Barros Da Silva started freelancing across Oxford, London, Bournemouth and Leeds, filming Corporate events, Adverts, Interviews, Weddings and Music Videos in order to build up a portfolio and create his own short films.

After gaining steam, ‘True Vision Features’ was created with the intent to deliver visuals that contain a Narrative, showcase Atmostphere and capture Empathy. As our team grows with Editors, Cinematographers, Directors, Scriptwriters and Composers. We as a company aim to deliver fresh and exciting visuals to our clients.

We, as human beings have a sub-concious nature to tell stories. We are story-tellers at heart, our brains are free to imagine anything in the neverland of existence. Saying that, it’s important for us to visualise and communicate our and our clients experiences to others.

Empathy In Motion